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The shopping service list  is a new service we offer ; some food products directly on board of your campervan!

Holiday means relax, freedom and no stress.
This is the reason why our clients appreciate this service.
Save your time and forget the boring and stressfull line at the supermarket.
 We have the solution:
Get the Breakfast Shopping Service or the Full Shopping Service
BREAKFAST Shopping service
Orange juice, milk, rusks, jam, Nutella, cookies, coffe, water, sugar, snacks, paper towels.
 Cost: € 39,00
FULL Shopping service
Pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, tuna, orange juice, milk, rusks, crackers, jam, Nutella,cookies,
coffe, water, sugar, salt, snacks, paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo and shower gel.
Cost: € 59,00

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Sailing boat charter


Add to your holiday in camper a few days on a sailing boat and enjoy the emerald sardinian sea.

North Sardinia Sail offers you the right solution!

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Enduro bikes rental

noleggiomotoA bike excursion in the Sardinian inland is a thrilling experience! Hills of sardinian granite, beautiful cork oak woods, breath taking panoramas and spectacular sunsets give you an idea of what you can live.

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Hire a rubber dinghy

gommoneA day on a dinghy to explore the marvellous protected Marine Area of Tavolara Island is something we really suggest. Look out! You might see some dolphins…

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Guided hiking tours

trekkingJoin this group of friendly mountain hikers and let them guide you along enchanting trails you wouldn’t otherwise find.

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Bicycle rental

mountainbikeEnjoy cycling around the island, you can carry the bikes with you in our campervans!

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canyoningThis highly exciting sport will make you live unforgettable sensations! Descending extraordinary canyons and jumping into the rapids, this is pure fun!

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Horseback riding

cavalloA totally relaxing experience; let these mild horses take you along the shore of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Enjoy a marvellous sunset with the feeling of a day ending in the best possible way.

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Kite surfing

kitesurfOn the island of the wind, with your campervan and your kitesurfing equipment you’ll be free to move along the coasts searching for the best wind. You can practice this activity all year long!

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